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Telecom Tower Essentials: Communication Tower Construction Structural Engineering Brackets and Mounting Services
December 3, 2020 at 10:30 PM
A communication tower construction that used structural engineering services.

The brackets and mounting of telecom equipment are as critical to the ongoing success of your telecom tower as its foundation and construction. When you build a new telecom tower, you must incorporate the right brackets and mounting equipment to accommodate the carriers you want to lease to.

Using the communication tower construction structural engineering services of a qualified company, you gain an experienced partner in the telecom industry. They can help you plan your telecom tower’s design to incorporate critical details, like brackets and mounting. Beyond making sure your using gear is well-suited for the latest cells and antennas, you can plan for future generations of wireless technology.

With any significant project meant to provide decades of service, the minutiae genuinely matter. Getting these things right on your project means preserving decades of service and reducing retrofitting down the line.

Choosing the right brackets for your telecom tower.

There are various structural support products available, each ideal for mounting a different cellular or radio technology to your telecom tower. If you’re building a new communications tower, you can work cooperatively with your engineers to optimize the brackets available for maximizing the leasable area.

If you have an existing tower, a company like Tower Engineering works with you to make sure it’s structurally sound before upgrading the antenna, brackets, and mounting points for modern telecom hardware.

Some of the most common types of structural supports and brackets include:

  • Antenna mounts
  • Monopole mounts
  • Pipe mounts
  • Rooftop mounts
  • Tower mounts

Depending on the carriers you lease to, you can use some or all of the different styles of brackets to ensure they’re able to securely mount their transmitters to your telecom tower. Older generations of wireless are still in operation and need reliable networks, even though 5G is pushing demand for new properties across the country. Carriers may be looking for new towers to expand or improve their coverage for older wireless generations.

Retrofit an existing communication tower with construction structural engineering services.

Your existing telecom tower can keep providing decades of service when you work with an experienced engineering company to retrofit old equipment. Mounting services will adapt your old structures with new brackets for late generation wireless equipment like 5G if you’re expanding your current network or upgrading a series of telecom towers.

There’s so much demand for 5G towers that mounting services to put new brackets on old towers is a cost-effective way of meeting demand without investing time or capital in building new properties.

Because 5G requires so many cells in dense urban areas, using traditional telecom towers may not always be necessary. Experienced structural engineers can evaluate a variety of properties for their viability in mounting 5G cells, such as:

  • Warehouses
  • Commercial properties
  • Residential and rental properties
  • Churches and water towers

Depending on the structure, you may be able to fit it with brackets for 5G cells. The next generation of wireless transmitters is more streamlined and lightweight than 2G, 3G, or 4G equipment. When you contact an engineering company, they can walk you through the potential options for joining the telecom industry.

An experienced telecom company like Tower Engineering can help you ensure you have all the telecom tower essentials.

When you partner with Tower Engineering, we’ll keep in mind future leasing opportunities when we design your new telecom tower. If you have an existing tower or another structure, we can not only make sure the structure is sound, but we’ll update your current equipment to make your property viable for new telecom gear, including 5G.

Contact us today with a description of your project, and we’ll let you know how we can help, from design to construction and site management.