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What You Didn’t Know About Communication Tower Construction Today
December 10, 2020 at 3:30 PM
Communication tower construction will soon dominate landscapes around the world.

As fast as wireless communication is changing these days, so is construction for new communications towers. With the 5G rollout, there’s never been a greater demand for new communication towers across the country. Even though wireless technology continues to evolve, the need for providing reliable coverage won’t end anytime soon.

The advent of 5G has made telecom structures a much more significant part of everyone’s life; whether you’re entering the communications market by building a tower, or you’ve noticed more towers going in around your neighborhood. Here’s what you need to know about building today’s communication towers.

Your communications tower doesn’t have to look like one.

One of the trickiest parts of building new communications towers is working with neighbors. Whether you’re leasing or own the land you’re building on, chances are there’s a neighbor nearby who doesn’t want a communication tower to ruin the aesthetic of their neighborhood.

Part of the reluctance is practical, we’ll need more 5G cell towers than ever before for full, reliable coverage across the country to optimize the capabilities of the next generation of wireless.

But your communications tower doesn’t have to look like a tower. Engineers have become incredibly clever at disguising communications towers as trees, clock towers, steeples, light posts, even traffic lights. Stealth towers blend in better with the neighborhood and reduce static between neighbors experiencing anxiety about a new communication tower construction.

Location, Location, Location

Tower Engineering has experience building communications towers in just about every landscape imaginable, from the mountains to crowded urban centers. There’s as much art as science to finding the right location for new communication tower construction. Even if a site has poor soil, the foundation may not be prohibitively expensive. By working with a qualified engineer, you can design a foundation that will support a tower for years of reliable service, regardless of the location.

Making confident decisions about whether a location is promising for a new communication tower construction means having useful data in your hands. Tower Engineering uses applied mathematics to design structures that can withstand the natural environment. Our team has years of experience evaluating the costs and benefits of different sites. We work in cooperation with our clients to build structures to last for decades.

There’s not much a communication tower can do to overcome a bad location. When you’re building a new structure, finding the best site possible for a lasting foundation is worth it.

Are communications towers safe?

The worldwide coronavirus pandemic halted the rollout of 5G. But for conspiracy theorists, the two 2020 events were a little more interwoven. Some fear adding 5G technology to existing towers and new tower constructions caused the COVID spread. There’s absolutely no scientific evidence to support the claim.

Research and medical scientists agree that we need more conclusive data regarding the extent of radiation’s effects from cell phones and communication towers on humans. There’s no firm evidence to suggest RF waves, those used by cell towers, harm humans, but research remains ongoing.

Communication tower construction can take some serious time.

Because of increased regulations and oversight, it can take years to find a site and build a new tower. Without a comprehensive understanding of the process, construction can become bogged down in policy and regulation, permit applications, and studies.

By partnering with an experienced engineering team, you remove the guesswork from foundation design, tower design, site management, and special inspections.

Turn to the experts for guidance in new communication tower construction.

Tower Engineering offers clients a range of services for the design and building of communications towers. We have industry-leading expertise, whether you need a customized foundation or tower design or full construction management.

Contact us to learn how we can provide experienced guidance for your communication tower project.