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How to Upgrade a Telecom Network with 5G Tower Construction
November 26, 2020 at 3:30 PM
5G tower construction will upgrade your telecom network

The new 5G network is getting as much publicity as an Apple launch. Unfortunately, there has been scant payoff for the fanfare. The worldwide shutdown and quarantine of non-essential workers because of coronavirus stalled the rollout. But the release of 5G capabilities is experiencing additional obstacles besides a global pandemic. Connectivity remains an issue even for 4G networks, without sufficient telecom towers across the country.

There’s a growing demand in the United States for more 5G small cells and upgraded cell towers to reach its full 5G capability. Until we have full network coverage, we won’t experience the revolutionary innovations awaiting us, like driverless cars, high-speed manufacturing, streaming games, and more.

Given the need for 5G infrastructure, there’s never been a better time to get ahead of the curve by upgrading and expanding your current telecom tower network.

What is 5G?

Upgrades to the cellular network are called generations, the last was the fourth iteration or 4G, and the next is 5G. This upgrade is revolutionary because it’s changing wireless service’s capabilities. We’re about to experience full connectivity between devices, machines, even our cars.

It’s also going to address some of the common frustrations for smartphone users–things like drops in service, slow speeds, and high latency. Not only cellphones, but all devices will have greater potential on a 5G network.

With 5G, everything from hospitals, to manufacturing and shipping, to cars and gaming consoles will be more connected and efficient. But it’s going to take some work to make the 5G dream a reality.

What is 5G densification?

Densification refers to the need for more cell sites with 5G capability. It can happen in several ways; all are unique opportunities for people interested in upgrading their telecom network.

  1. The building of small 5G cells in urban areas.
  2. Upgrading existing telecom towers with 5G equipment.
  3. Building new towers with 5G capabilities.

In urban areas, 5G small cells often incorporate into existing structures, such as light poles and rooftops. Meanwhile, existing telecom towers may have their 4G antennas modified or replaced with new 5G equipment. The 5G radio gear design is streamlined and lightweight, ideal for installation on towers already carrying four prior generations of cell service. Tower Engineering Company can assess your tower for carrying potential with 5G equipment.

What’s undeniable is that we need new telecom towers in areas without current coverage to support an actual 5G network.

The 5G infrastructure market

Estimates forecast that densely populated areas will need anywhere between 100 and 300 5G cells per square mile to support consumer demand. The 5G equipment has a shorter range than previous generations, reaching about 1,500 feet without obstruction. This means that there’s an impending demand for more 5G infrastructure.

Experts placed the value of the global market for 5G infrastructure at $1.9 billion in 2019. That number will skyrocket to $496.9 billion by 2027.

If you’ve been considering expanding your current telecom network, now’s the time to upgrade with 5G tower construction. Tower Engineering Company has decades of experience surveying various sites for future towers, from rugged wilderness to the rural countryside to suburban sprawl and urban cities. We can help you grow your current network by contributing to the global 5G infrastructure.

Partner with Tower Engineering Company for 5G tower construction.

From the initial survey to design and inspection, Tower Engineering Company has almost five decades of structural engineering experience. We help our clients with asset management, tower maintenance, and equipment upgrades. It’s not just about solving problems from the office. We’ve climbed thousands of towers to evaluate and troubleshoot, to keep our clients’ equipment in top condition, through every mobile generation.

If you’re interested in upgrading your telecom network, get in touch with our customer service experts today.