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5 benefits of self-supporting tower designs
December 16, 2020 at 7:00 AM
5 benefits of self-supporting tower designs

Depending on your industry, the need for towers is endless. If you’re in the wireless communication or broadcast industries, you know there will always be a need to build more towers in order to expand your reach and services to those who don't already have them. Tower Engineering Company is a trusted source for tower design and construction, so we have put together a list of five reasons why a self-supporting tower design is a great choice.

Easy to transport and install

Because of the composition of the materials that are used to assemble a self-supporting tower, they’re easily transported. A tower that’s as tall as 120 meters can be shipped in a standard 20-foot intermodal shipping container. This makes each stop along the way from the factory to its final destination easier to accommodate.

In addition to transport, a self-supporting tower is much easier to install than a guy wire tower. With a self-supporting tower, a crew builds a concrete base then installs the tower sections without placing guy wires.


Installing a self-supporting tower means that you have a tower that can serve multiple purposes. The versatility that comes with the ability to use towers for cellular, wireless internet, radio, broadcast, and more. You can have your tower customized according to the unique specifications of your needs. This includes a three- or four-legged tower that is built based on the height that you need. Additionally, our engineers use applied mathematics and science to design your towers so they’re integrated into the natural environment around them.


The materials used to construct your tower depend on the height you need and the total load at the top. If your tower is not very tall with a light load, you can use a tube to build a strong tower. However, if you have a tower that’s tall with a heavy load like a satellite dish, you can use stronger materials like galvanized steel to ensure that the base on your tower isn’t too large and you get a maximal benefit.

Can be easily reinforced

If you have a tower installed that has failed or looks as though it could, it can be reinforced. TEC specializes in structural forensic evaluations to make sure that your tower has the necessary strength to withstand punishment from the elements. Galvanized materials provide extra strength for your tower as needed.

Minimal space requirements

If space where you’re installing a tower isn’t very big or you’d like to have a minimal impact on the environment, a self-supporting tower design is ideal. These towers provide the smallest footprint to height ratio in the industry and ours are no different. Whether you’re building a tower for personal use in your yard or commercially, it’s easy to find a plot of land large enough for the tower that you need.

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